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"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself."

Defying Convention...

Well i had to explain myself in words..!..

I don't write cheeky stuff, the golden words are not meaned for me. I am the Laziest freak situated somewhere in Delhi. Now, I know you won't be interested in the rest of the story. But for those who have a lot of time to waste, My name is Dilip Meena.

When The Tragedy Started..

17th March 1989, Everything was fine and healthy on earth before this date.Childrens were free to wender anywhere without any permission and the same with their Mom's, Girls were allowed to play in fields and the older ones used to feel free in streets. Suddenly one day there was a shower of dead bones over the Nangal Sherpur At the same time Dogs from all over the village gathered outside and dancing over there. After a short time a child took birth, and got assigned by a contradictory name DILIP .

From the next day, there was a sudden YUG transition from KALYUG to GHOR-KALYUG. All the freedom of childrens, ladies, little girls even Man's was terminated. Now a days these innocents are not safe even NOT IN THEIR HOUSES.

And The Tragedy Continues...

And some of my co-partners also arrived here to support me within one year after me. I call them FRIENDS. And now we are making this earth worse than HELL. I got full support of them whenever i needed them i found standing beside me. Thanks for being with me

P.S. - Just Stand Beside Me So That People May Know HOW BAD I AM.

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